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Trout 10: Contents

Editorial [Tony Murrow]


Sonja Yelich   western springs zoo, kakapo, and-yellow

Doug Poole   Half Caste, Whare, Moonlit Feast

Michele Leggott   So Far

Murray Edmond   Venice Unrevisited, Ballad of the Punk Rock Cat Called Berlin, The Princess in Wolf’s Clothing Driving a Ford

Paula Green   Intersection, Night Crossing

Ben Kemp   The Painter (Karaka), The Sculptor (Pouriuri)

David Eggleton   A Pacific Islander Reflects in Cuba Street, Larrikin Republic

Briar Wood   Gongoozlers, Wing Music, A Path of Least Resistance

Mark Pirie   A Day in Summer, The Conversation, Riverton Beach Poem, The Spelling Problem, The Story

Simon Williamson   A Pocket Full of Bones, Do Not Take the Shellfish, City, On Display

Brandy McDougall   A Memory, Cane Spider, Back When We Lived With Ghosts, Meditation on Moonlight, Koa and the Burning of the Kuli House

Trevor Landers   The Tragedy of Eastern European Railway Stations,

Mike Farrell   jogging myth, le giraffe, logic

Josh Goodwin   Drummer at the White Palace


Wes Lee   Planet of the Apes

Margarita Meklina   An Infinite Loop

Kirby Wright   Pakalaki Memories