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So Far: 4

Michele Leggott

19   sweeps and may queens
sweet beaumes-de-venises
pools deeper than orange groves
now I have to kick away
do it all, the invitations
the chance meetings the
eidolon encountered walking out
buds and fruit I wiill patiently
reinvent your foment

20   door to door
Captain January's maple sugar
corroborates impurities
of purpose, stitches one side of paradise
to all the others, how to
fly over celebrations with a star map
torn out of the voice recording
heartbreak and joyous guard
She wrote:
She wrote:

21   on wings, on springs
on sails, on gales, on this
hommage – piazzolla
look forward and leave behind
the sad paper flowers
a violin in the dark

22   let's take
a holiday
in other places

23   boldly bodily
soft ophidian
I'm counting countries
every day of my life
I'm forgetting refractions
who was a beloved

24   bathing in the soft water
rain just gone from the window
air and water and orangeries
an ivory lace of the mind
refusing gifts go from me
go where I cannot see you
rescinding what's left

25   drums
every other morning
where the sun lifts
against the new green
practising immolation
of the whirring soul
in the flowering tree


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