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Ballad of the Punk Rock Cat Called Berlin

Murray Edmond

In the shadow of the pastry-cook's dream
the punk-rocker cat called Berlin
is wandering on some shore
where palm trees grow

and sending home a card which reads
it's simply Norway here
apocalypse is mine saith the tyrant
who has taken up residence in the bathroom

the curfew is a state of mind
like a bird who sings all night and stops at dawn
laws of marital bliss
make allowance for an invasion from the east

these are the days you'll be glad about when they're over
the girl is green
the rain is green
the tea is green

constellations of pillows and galaxies of linen
sheet music and sour grapes
the apartment's filling up with disaster
commit hara-kiri or charivari

there are no options for the legitimately social
the cloud behind the tower assumes the world will end
the cat says come
the palm trees watch the sea begin to bubble


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© Copyright 2002 Murray Edmond & Trout.