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from 'Lea Valley Sequences'

Briar Wood

Outside the cornershop two citizens
talk about falling towers in New York.
   'My husband did predict this. Yes.' And then,
   'He is Professor!'    Cornmill Meadow walks
with dragonfly miles closed for foot and mouth.
Will the bland sky hum with honey buzzards
suddenly shifting winds have driven south?
When the rain sets in we play billiards,
press on to Nazeing as the weather clears.
Swan neck persiscopes poke above the bank,
anglers dangle, bicycle bells, gangway
as houseboats float to Ware in Hertfordshire.
A barge manoeuvres and a windlass cranks.
Locks open.    On aquatic fields swans graze.


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© Copyright 2002 Briar Wood & Trout.