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Wing Music

from 'Lea Valley Sequences'

Briar Wood

lift off    as if their misty myth cargo
could carry us in Leda's lovers' grip
defiant as gravity    rowers and narrow boats
leaving below    the green weeded slip
stream slide    currents run    aground    over flowing
mown banks    circle    the flamenco houseboats
tasselled alders    plumed poplars    glowing
eiderdown towns    Saint George flags    fishing floats
eccentric residents    six o'clock scrape of dinner plates
watch out       the lock brimming
not reading Shelley    watching telly gape
at their sheer mysterious    air swimming
swish upstroke swish throb swish throb downstroke    swish
mile on miles swish throb swish throb swish throbs wish


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