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So Far: 2

Michele Leggott

7   days of purification
signs in the sky
pretty mountain rites
rigmarole of the hours
you were lucky
I was very lucky
a feral girl without hands
a green flame
before the invasion
loving till it hurt

8   I smiled at the poet
and bought lunch in the white cafe
his new book lay on the table
he talked of past and future works
and of the device he would carry
for one other's call
farewell poet
may you never be alone or unhappy
may your archives download safely
into tomorrow

9   John Lennon is 59
IMAGINE -- somebody
encountered this week
could become one of the most
important people in your life
over the next two months
don't reject new contacts
just because they don't meet
your normal standards
take that feather off the scale
of expanded light

10   there's been a lot
in the news and in the movies
about the threat to Earth
from asteroids and comets
the idea that we're at risk
from a cosmic collision
was first dreamed up
by the science fiction writer
HG Wells    now the astronomers
have followed suit
your day is the operatic condition
of the world

11   birds wake me
wind and moonlight
surf driven high on the beaches
a church bell later on
those raptors
released over upturned
faces the gloved hand
jesses strafing the ground
little mouse carpe
carpe diem
no singing will ever
bring you back

12   commanded
to pray between
two crystal trees
candelabra of the soul
darkened, waiting
not a dream
but a gallery where I
unlace the huntsman's
boots praying
another nature will
survive the skin


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