TROUT   [ 2 ]

rainstorm in volcano:
eight poems for rain

rain is a woman laughing
with her sisters
spreading her smile wide
  and rain is a woman's fingers
moving down
                              the expectant skin
                                         of her lover
                                                            the moon
                                                            an eye
                                                            in ecstasy

rain drips on the fronds
          and they uncurl
          reaching outwards and upwards
                                                    to her
the root of her power
in their unfurling desire

rain comes
           pours down
           a shaft of fading light
             rain comes
like a woman
                     laughing with her lover
rain is my lover
           spilling across my belly
           and we smile
                                 fall into each other's arms
                                                      and sleep

rain on the roof
           pouring harder and harder
           until we hear nothing
                                but rain
          rain breathes
          touching herself
dreaming of her lovers
          as her longing rumbles
                               across the earth and sky
rain breathes
soft and steady
touches the face of the sea
and the surface shivers
rain is coming
           into the womb of earth
                                                    and life is sustained

Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm
   © 1997