trout three
november 1997
(Auckland Weekly News)
Tony Murrow :   I am not...   

Brian Flaherty : Guy Fawkes   
Jeffrey Holman : Ginsberg , Dreamwork  
Jan Hutchison : In the Kitchen   
Brian Potiki : pop , brown   
James Norcliffe : the assassination of Marion Dufrene ,
                                 disney fingers , the Dobson Straight   
Robert Sullivan : Two drafts from Star Waka   

Lemanatele Mark Kneubuhl : ...But I Called Him Papa  
Trevor Reeves : The Secret   
Andy Williamson :   The Kumara Harvest   

Reviews and Essays   
Tony Murrow : AUP Poetry Festival

Recent NZ & Pacific Books   
Books Pasifika :    Books at a Glance

"The Tongariro is pretty wide. I can cast seventy or eighty feet nicely. After that, I get clumsy
and often hook myself in the back of the head"
Tales from a Fisherman's Log - Zane Grey
 Old Trout