TROUT   [4] 

Angela Pearse: [1, 2, ]
  I have layers built 
from fear, fantasy, 
from years of construction; 
the heart is such a tedious friend 
and I have broken more backs in 
its maintenance 
than with the effort it takes to  
move mountains, 
create flowers, 
we build nothing, we find 
nothing of ourselves in these concrete layers 
these flimsy walls of excuse, 
I will undress in moonlight, 
in sunlight, in starlight, 
I will remove the garments of myself 
and leave a trail of silken longing 
in the meadows, by the river, 
I will float like an Ophelia now living, 
stripped of the myth I have created, 
reborn in nakedness.  
   © 1997