TROUT   [4] 

Brian Potiki
  i'm walking to campbell st through the 
karori tunnel 
past a house when ivan was to get into trouble. 
i've just told a story for him in court 
in andrew's suit 
to the chief justice sir richard wild 
who asks you don't expect us to believe this? 
while the jurors all smiled yes 
yes they were saying 
we dig this tale 
talofa lava malo! 
afterwards i had a date with louise 
in bed of course but first i was walking 
with sharon past donald st the training college & 
i'm singing Mary's gone visiting 
all the folks at home 
at the te reo maori society party & 
i'm walking & 
i'm saying goodbye to hiria 
goodbye mother (she just died) & 
i wore andrew's suit again to the funeral & 
in karori anne was singing down the phone & 
in the photo tania you wear a yellow shirt 
claire a blue one & 
tui's dad out the back digging. 
1976 me flying to london 
waving to you anne & roger 
from the seat by the window. 
1984 laughing with you tania in lambton quay. 
i'm walking with janet 
sleeping a night at bruce stewart's & 
someone's crying 
it's me 
i've left dixon st john noel paula ti ata liz & 
taken roger's mania & 
it's here now painted red green yellow white 
where the sun hits first in the morning & 
jill tarawera hira huanoa are around somewhere & 
i'm walking to mark 
to tania who once had mark william's brown scarf 
(he left it by the phone at dixon st) 
that piece of tat. 
yes i'm fucking walking & 
i've just washed my favourite rag 
to wear at your wedding 
   © 1998