TROUT   [4] 

Tze Ming Mok
Hegel's Holiday 
  another nasty letter from Kant  
he's never left his village.  
The old man heaves to  
the fireplace again. Feuerbach  
won't be back. ungrateful  
foldings of shabby clothing.  
when Magritte came to visit  
back when the world was new  
who said that? a reverberation he  
brought with him in a hat  
saying 'this is very important  
I come from the future' we all  
met in the park where fountains  
circle, he closed his palms and  
disappeared - this cheery red  
painting - he seemed so  
affectionate the afternoon  
froze warmly it could not  
have been a better day or life  
what do you do when you  
reach the very apex they kept  
asking over and over like  
it would never happen  
you bite it off, an icecream cone end  
with a candy inside on a summer's day  
oho! the glass, the water, the  
umbrella - now I get it.  
he sits in his chair and rocks  
back and forth and back 
   © 1998