TROUT   [5]

Louis Armand: [1 , 2 , 3]
Captain  Cook's  Last Voyage

  a vision wakes the albatross from its human form

beneath furious suns the polynesian waves sail
blue green upon the enigma of the hour
& on his mothership bells mimic their alarm

(he dreams his village on the sea
silent with unblinking crocodiles)

sinuous liliths call from diorite spires mirrored black
against the large glass of volcanic sky
above & below the bending archipelagos of dusk
a rope dancer accompaning herself with her shadows

(he tries to think himself into the role of death
by playing with his bones)

each island shimmers & the seagulls in the harbour
brilliant arched twisting under dusk red
the trees alight with spears & anchor plumb in chaos

(he lies deep down at the bottom of the sea
& grows tiny fins)

  © 1998