TROUT   [5]

Andrew Coop: [1 , 2 ]
Here and  There
that night I made  noodle soup
one of the great dishes of the world
coriander chilli fish sauce fish balls
soya pork bones garlic and the rest
we ate it
and the sesame rice balls with icecream
and we drank lager

pale noodles in the hot dark soup
crunchy green and white pak choi
2 quid a kilo from the chinese store
chopsticks flicking under the lightbulb
someone else watching TV
and the chilli and cold beer

talk of people at work
and all the usual stuff

it took all night
which stressed me out
but just before sleep I thought
being stuck here is really ok
we could have been anyone then
on a street or in a bare room

  © 1998