TROUT   [5]

Bronwyn Evans: [1 , 2 ]
autumn's come sneaking round my street lately
the wind comes up my drive
curling about like it has some business here
the cold knocking on the windows
so cold to the touch
and as soon as the sun knocks off work
the chill i always fear
now makes a more marked presence in the air

darkness descends too early
that those of the night knows it's still seasonably day
but resigned and with a measure of relief
light my candles
and burn my oils
as i settle down to my nightly toil

the smell of burning dust
as heaters are resurrected to perform their necessary task
to protect my aching bones

even now through the window
i see the dew laid down on the roof of my car
and the hour is still well before eight
like a sweeping carpet
on the tails of the winds of Autumn
does Winter come calling

and it is in this month
that i am reminded
that twenty years have gone past
since i was diagnosed with leukaemia
so it is with a certain
nostalgia and trepidation i realise as it comes lurking
as a survivor
i will be
chilled to the very marrow

  © 1998