TROUT   [5]

  The end of the year, already. And we have only managed two issues of Trout for 1998. There is a New Year's resolution in there somewhere. Anyway here is our "Bumper Christmas Issue"...

As with many periodicals, the individual issues of Trout throw up some unconscious threads or themes. There is at least one I can see  in this issue...

Most of us have stories to tell of journeys that have affected our lives, the decisions we make, the people we love. Cape Reinga's dirt road, crossing on the ferry to Picton for the first time, the big O.E. Travel is a part of who we are, a compass that defines both "elsewhere" and home. 
Several of the writers in Trout 5 explore the significance of journeys, physical and spiritual. Stephen Oliver  writes of  Conrad & Wells, "two voyagers  who possessed that sense of the bigness   of the world". Annora Gollop takes us on a train trip up the North Island, Louis Armand on Captain  Cook's  Last Voyage.  Zane Ivy and Peter Robinson share experiences of Korea and Japan while David Buchanan and Andrew Coop compare "here" and "there". 

There is much more besides...  prominent poets Murray Edmond and Kapka Kassabova offer new work; we are delighted to include stories by newcomers Chloe Gordon and James Hollings... 

Robert collaborates with photographer Jocelyn Carlin, and Sam Gaoa talks famous names with NZ director Vincent Ward, here promoting his new film 

All in all an end of year "blowout". 
Best wishes for the Christmas season.

Brian Flaherty
Robert Sulivan
Tony Murrow


  © 1998