TROUT   [5]

Annora Gollop: [1 , 2 , 3 , 4]
This is the night train and
it makes night connections.
The train is overbooked. My presence is magic. I
am travelling by computer. I am moved by
oversight, taken forward as isolated information. It
is luck that has carried me this far.

We are travelling now and Wellington is a blurry
metro train lit from within and a crystal clear
estuary under moonlight and lamplight. Last night I
looked out the window at the almost full moon. I
wondered if it would affect me. Maybe that is why
Iím doing this. Maybe I am travelling by moon-
modem. A lunar link sending me skitting across the
surface of the earth on a whim.

Sending me through the centre of the island,
reflecting along its irregular pathways. Patching me
through the connections made by water. Over the
moon-light surface of the dark island. The
glistening keeps me moving through the wet
darkness. This is how I travel. By computer. By
moon-modem. As reflection. By incident. By
accident. By train.

  © 1998