trout [ 8 ] September 2000
Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ]


one day



early morning

          today i follow the path of the sun



and i have had
one cup of coffee
watching clouds dissipate in a paua sky
steam drifting upwards
this cool october morning
my fingertips melt
into glazed ceramic
it feels like an awakening
i eat toast with Robert
listen to his children chirping
like baby birds
while their mother sits in a sunlight nest
it is mid-morning
october, like a memory, is waning
but high above
the sun is rising


high noon

(the sun is on ecstasy
and i am high on the sun)

fishing lines

Waabigonii Giizis

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Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm

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