Submission details:

Aim and audience
Trout is intended to provide a forum for the poetry, prose, reviews, interviews, photography and artwork of or about New Zealand and/or Pacific writers and artists. Submissions from outside the Pacific Rim may occasionally be accepted.

Trout is an annual publication. Each issue will be a work-in-progress until the issue cutoff date when it will be considered complete. Completed issues will be archived, indexed and used as a basis for future issues. 

Editorial committee:
The present editorial committee consists of:
   Anne Kennedy <>
   Robert Sullivan <>
   Brian Flaherty <>
   Tony Murrow <

The editorial committee reviews submitted manuscripts and reserves the right to choose or reject works as it sees fit. The committee will acknowledge the receipt of each manuscript and will inform authors/artists of the acceptance or rejection of their manuscripts.

Author/artist responsibility:
The responsibility for originality of work is the author's. Each published electronic document will then show a copyright symbol, the author's name and the year of the item's first publication. Authors/artists should provide a copyright date if this is not the first publication of the work. Work for which the author does not hold copyright, but which has become part of the author's work through appropriation (e.g., photographs, audio-visual material, etc. used to supplement a poem or interview), should have its copyright owner properly acknowledged and, wherever possible, the copyright owner's permission ought to be sought by the author. Authors should do their best to acknowledge their sources. 

Contribution format:
Typewritten or hand-written material is acceptable if double-spaced with ample margins. Authors can also submit their manuscripts as email text or HTML sourcecode. Images can be submitted as email attachments in gif or jpeg formats. Please try to keep the size of these images down, as bandwidth is very limited in New Zealand and severely limited in the Pacific Islands. Audio and video images should be in commonly used format and, again, authors should be particularly wary of the limited bandwidth available. Nevertheless, authors and artists are encouraged to make the most of the new medium. Any item, poem or other form, can have a number of web pages. Javascript is another option open to authors. 

Submissions can be sent to

snail mail:
Brian Flaherty
University of Auckland Library
Private Bag 92019

Contributor notes:
Please send a few lines about yourself with your contribution: your full name, contact details, and some background information about your interests, work, other published, performed or exhibited works, etc. 

For those submitting works of a more academic nature, MLA (Modern Language Association) style is preferred. Please try to avoid footnotes, captions and tables which will not easily transfer to a wide range of internet browsers.