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Poem for Te Whaiti (-nui-a-Toi Te Reke)

Jacq Carter


are a poem.

You were nine months in the making
and you got published almost immediately

to rave reviews

the only criticisms
were of me.

And came from other writers mainly

most of whom seem to
think they read you
better than I do

which you and I know is
simply just not true

after all
I co-created you.

After me
your father
and the Universe

not to mention
all your tipuna

we all had a hui
on the night of March 23rd

and while your father and I
tossed and turned

the others started a fire
and made sure it burned


it burned.

So you are that fire
e te tamaiti
lit by Tane
and brought into the physical by Maui

and you won't ever stop
burning brightly
casting your light
being inspiring

not even when you go back
to being a whetu
in the rangi.


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© Copyright 2003 Jacq Carter & Trout.