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I'm moved

Eileen Myles

a squiggle of a river
becomes a road
in a play a boy
might walk
around a lot
and a woman
might be still.
Something in the water
might look like
when the boy's
just sitting
there being
young; day
the moment might oc-
cur in memory
I know musicians
know certain
chords do this
or that
we're a bunch
of turtles
when it comes
to feelings
the woman
is still and the
world around
her darkens
and we get
it – just
be fore the
boy started
walking. I wish the playwright
was brave.
to stay in that
corny suggestion
means time.
It's just our
burning star
and our
blue dirt
turning in its circle
a stand-in
for emotion
for scientists: you.
who promised
to bring her
somewhere now here to this Grand
play. Just to
art makes
me look
long & hard.
Why is light
so damn emotional
if it's just
a burning star
this toe
an inch


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© Copyright 2006 Eileen Myles & Trout.