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wgtn – off eva street

Sonja Yelich

you are in wgtn for 5 days &
there is nil wind. which is a big plus

but you need nurofen xtreme
for a killer headache.

so your remembering of
comings & goings is not exact


you have some names of wgtn streets
but not much on your screen.


there's the waterfront where
you stood all oozey looking down

to the under-harbour
of dark lost blue

& then there's some bushwalk
you did up round the hilly burbs

of roseneath & over oriental
where you felt the damp squeeze in

to the canvas of you black converse.
& over there is where you saw the best

sentence in concrete ever –
this is the city of the active verb.


you remember the cranes
striking up new apartments

& the twilight of sidestreets
were you drank. one from a flash

bank. two from the matterhorn.
three from shed 5. & four in karori.


but it is the tiles you are clear about
off eva street where you remember seeing

a p lab door & high up – a gym for boxing in.
the tiles in aggregate where some person

had pressed in far & incidental –
fronds, a leaf & roots from someone's home flora & poetica.


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© Copyright 2006 Sonja Yelich & Trout.