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Trout 14: Contents

From Hawai`i

Alistair Te Ariki Campbell   The Brigadier's Secret Weapon, Utu

Meg Campbell   Dear Sue, The Will to Survive

Roma Potiki   Interview with J. C. Sturm

Bill Manhire   Yadasi Clips

Sage Takehiro   What Stoners Think About When They're Getting Stoned, E Hui Pū

Marika Staff   Conversation Ending With Goodbye, A Few Years Ago

Brian Potiki   warm & worn, for te riria, a romeo backpacker (a bit drunk) to a juliette, satisfaction

Michael Harlow   Song, for Two Players, Ping, Nocture, Detour

Elizabeth Smither   To a friend who is a beginning sculptress, A blue satin suit with a peplum

Tusiata Avia   Nafanua's sister talks about the family, Nafanua goes to bed with her cousin, Nafanua becomes a surgeon for a day

Juan Garrido-Salgado   Seeds of Corn in a tray in November last year

Tim Denevi   On the Death of Hunter S. Thompson

Emeli Kihleng   Poakeiiukala

Chris Price   Four photographs of a piano: 1, 2, 3, 4, Stowage

Dan Salmon   for bob

Kirby Wright   Luau at the Moloka`i Shores

Jessica Le Bas   snap shots

Erick Brenstrum   My Dashboard, Fire, The Optimist

Audrey Brown-Pereira   the fire and the ice, Beauty by numbers, Taufusi

Jack Ross   A Patina of the Antique

Tammie Keiko Oka   Thirteen Again, Mrs. Mancinelli's Second Grade Class, How to Be a Good Ojóosan

Jade Sunouchi   First Time in Berkeley, Freedom is wounded, Up there, perched, when she passed the chinese restaurant