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E Hui Pū

Sage Takehiro

E Hui Pū!
E Hui Pū!

Aia I hea nā Kānaka?

Call them from their homes
where ever they may be

Call them from airports, hotels
call them from the sea

Call them from schools
resturaunts, kitchens

Call them from parks
beaches, benches

Call them from Kahiki
continents, countries

Call them from farms
Loi, streams

Call them from buildings
forests, jungles

Call them from jobs,
jails, gyms

Call all Kānaka,
dead or alive, flesh crawls
beneath skin

Call all Kānaka
smart and dumb—
if you don't get what this mele is saying
then don't ask me
ask your mana

Call all Kānaka
for better or for worse
death doesnt part us
mana never dies.

Trace its movements with your tongue
taste its tracks, swallow its spirit
let it carry your eyes.
Look at Us.
E nānā iā Kākou, E 'ike i ka '

Our bones hide from bulldozers
in the dirt breast of our mother
while the bones of our ancestors
breathe under our brown skin

born from the same darkness
As the Mo'o
We change colors

Mana Never Dies.

Call the owl, the honu, the pig
ask for guidance, peace, and pua

Call the shark, the manō, the hunter
ask him to swim circles around us,
pull fish into our nets and feed
knowledge into our piko, stir whispers
of star to ocean, whispers to the nau

Calling all Kānaka

E hui pū
E hui pū Kākou
E hui pū ka Mana
E hui pū no Hawai'i nei
E hui pū no nā Kānaka
E hui pū Kākou
E hui pū
E hui pū e


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