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Lee Mingwei, Uncommon Senses

Janis Freegard

i. we try on lives like hermit crabs
crawling inside
twisting them on to our backs
this one is sufficiently solid
& has good colour
but is light enough to carry far

ii. in the Govett-Brewster gallery is a room
& in the room is another room
with white floor, ceiling & walls
& in the white room is a screen
& on the screen – moving in and out of vision –
is a very green shell
& in it is a hermit crab

iii. clinging fast to the columella
I reach my claws through the opening
roll my shell into position & skitter along
yes, I have selected the very best real estate
this side of the beach & fought for it hard
this is a good shell, a good shell
from it, I investigate the air


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