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Erewhon Unearthed

David Eggleton

Skies run, streaked bloody like fleeces shorn.
Strainers twang symphonies in milk and gold.

"Empire Rose" and "Sun Boy" sail on the tide.
Aunt Daisies nod from spring paddocks, stirred.

Tussock's sunbaked pelt jumps and rolls.
Sugar spoons rattle with tea-shop"s prattle.

The moa's calcified rugby ball shines,
plucked from scrums of muddy leg-bones.

Hail pings grave bell-jars in cold sad chimes;
the snick of tiny hail counts baby teeth,

as tree stumps whiten along Dead Horse Row.
Corsets rip, stripped back to whalebone cages.

Found tremors unearth time's brass-bound capsule.
Wings glow amber inside kauri gum"s weight.

Glass arcades surface from submarine depths.
Going for a skate, with beer belly bounce,

truckloads of grey silt are chucked up high.
Cashmere Hills cardigans, faded to pink,

shrink in the wash of a bushwacked laundry.
The smell of money leaves the oily rag,

tossed back and forth by whole earth mechanics.
Coin's flipped downside promotes a fire sale.

Heretics get stuck in with a mixed hot grill.
Bats climb, freed by the great snail's betrayal.

Colonel Shag's cliff-face cormorants preen,
while zephyrs ride, teased by sailboard teens.


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