TROUT   [4] 

Timothy Brehany: [1, 2 , 3 , 4]
On Searching For A Job  
   the feet and the head soon get sore.  
 smog and city streets collide.  
 the second hand's a caesar  
 and the cross too much to bear.  
 so i sit myself amongst the legion  
 monday midday  
 Cathedral Square.  
 this day as cold as an empty tomb.  
 I cast my eye around.  
 Impending rain clouds angelic vision  
 but cannot force the congregation  
 Underground, that's not their part  
 (and as this play's written in stone)  
 No one's going home.  
 Not until some prayers are answered  
 some miracle witnessed  
 some life saved  
 or failing that Sunday (the day of rest).    
   © 1998