trout [ 7 ]
Pooja Mittal [1 , 23  ]
Bummed out on Saturday

Red jacket zipped, five bucks and
a Coke. A holy trinity 
of bunk. New sneakers lined, blue
icon on your chest for
girls to stare at. Think your face
is cool? You envy
Marilyn Manson. 

Eros videos and
gasoline, a smell of 
kitchen gloves burning and
a hand in the sheets.

Pavement cracks you fancy
you're 1000 kilos +, every crack
a witness of your step.

The girls bend over, generous with their
cleavage, blue-veined like
French cheese. Popcorn and gum
on the underside of your

Red jacket zipped, cracks can tell
where you've been. Eros kills with
kitchen gloves, uncomfortable thoughts
of your mother and

There is no way out. Giant fist of
cloud is poised, you dare not look up.
The sky is made of neon and
the holy trinity is
caffeine, cleavage and cash.
  © 2000 

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