trout [ 7 ]
Robert Sullivan 
Love and Leather Jackets

Clouds skitter and skite and snigger
the Link bus glides by Grafton fruit shop
lollopping vehicles pop up the fast lanes
onto the viaduct thrill it's better than a Viagra pill
it's the Auckland spaghetti motorway junction loop the loop
much better than scooping the poop off bowwow at the beach
ET sits his saucer on the skytower taking snapshots
what a view! 360 degrees! ET admires Mt Eden
eyes up the obelisk poised like a scud missile on Maungakiekie
poised like a Singer sewing needle about to stitch a heavenly eye
but ET ain't a believer he ain't sitting on the fence
he ain't sitting on a pew he's sitting on a leather sofa
shooting the breeze with his brand new galaxy turbo blaster
atomic channel surfer flicking between pictures of Monica
and Saddam's cheezy grin, "make my day" says Sadie
and Bill cigar toting six shooter bites through to the filter
that stops him inhaling, "yeah boy, just watch me"
and then Jenny sends up her pride and joy
boy oh boy those F16s are toys for top guns ya can't fly a frigate
would make a Rambo out of Arthur Rimbaud
the censor's given them an R20 classification
and they're waving them round and showing em to ET
and ET's opening his mouth wider and wider
he's gonna swallow em and gulp he takes em all
let's get another shot close up on ET's face
bullets and missiles he's licking his lips and wiping the spit
from his Spielberg T-shirt and his Star Wars bib
what do they think of it! what are their reactions?
get me the old footage of Krushchev thumping (can you colorise it?)
and I want the Cuba guy too, y'know Castro with the cigar
I want the cigar to dissolve into the President on Capitol Hill
get the people thinking higher thoughts to inspire em
do it do it do it do it - now, and Barry White background music too
um, "Can't get enough of your loving" with lots of treble
and yeah I love my leather poetry jacket
but it's too hot in Auckland to wear it
I love my leather poetry jacket
but it's too hot to think of wearing it.

  © 2000