trout [ 7 ]
Sonja Yelich [1, 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 ]
piha with bachs, signs, penguins

piha with its
fibrolite bachs.  tim

finn's.  & shacks
i have come

from my hole
the city.

with its buxus
& grasses that sway.

bully beef tins
& some cars that

people polish.
to swap nikau

ponga & flax 
up scenic drive.


this is july
with froth

& black sand
which i taste

i tell my only

ella oceans
& oceans
this west coast
is no tame fish.

filling her
honey pockets

in nautilus shell.
this sea eats

kids i add.  on 
the road a sign

beware in red
the sea.

the kwila ladders 
up to lifeguard

there's a sign

about dogs
& penguins

too.  we are
hoping for krill

a penguin's 
beak or foot

to take

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