trout [ 8 ] September 2000
Will Fox [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]



Quickly, that night the clouds and moon
whipped each other into an algae merang;
shades of embossed man adjacent or behind
impossible wafts of powder wife to create what
we saw that night soon after a cigarette,
after deciding to trace and watch our
smoke play floss to the setting factory-stack
in the sky, beating women at their own
game before rain just struck us back inside.
And the next part couldn’t come quick
enough. Lounge room turned rehearsal room
shut air-tight, seven power points for
eight amplifiers, hence the double adaptor
covering tunes we loved we confessed after
three that it was fun. I couldn’t time
the bass part but the rest of the drum kit
went fine. Stars. Realising they’d left
them out above we had to make our own.


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© 2000 Trout &
Will Fox

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