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Outside Inside

a drop of pink paint
Dulux too tiny
                              to call
          a stalagmite nor its pink satellites such signs
        of a shower of home making against a backyard window
passionfruit picking on the old swing and slide

swing me high swing me higher
lean backward on the up
and forward going down
                                   have a fight
                                   squeeze an ant
sit in the grass and draw
the latest spaceship
                                   think a bit
see how the passionfruit
flowers look
like jellyfish
          peach in existence the magnolia competes
        with the small fir
                                   rust and gull crap
        mottle the great
        black barbecue plate
                         accidental in expanse
                                        a talking point
                                   of fruit through our windows
and as detail slides
lights shinny the gap
                                    prick soft fabric
                                   day's vellum
so ancient a close
                            finger prints
                         in the glowing
                    of stardust
what luck to assemble
in this light.


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