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for Bruce Stewart

I touch Papatuanuku my earthmother
      give hands up to Ranginui
my skyfather
      then beat both wings of the heart
skull it down through the pelvis
to a rosewater bowl
filling with stones: chance/angst/loneliness/failure
dip hands in this sprinkle
                    heads in clarity pass the speech of people on
blush and touch make love slowly (be careful)

we slide in a round of writhing
weeds that thrash a jive
expressed in a loud way (I'm out of my circle)
persevere beat your heart's wings
                                          fly out to greet them
shout 'Hii!' (hee) to the ground
shout 'Haa!' to the sky
through veins people give and take
                fine as those crossing a petal
                floating on a bowl
health to you brother (we hongi)
        health to you sister (we kiss)
splash your paddles
breathe deeply drink up
we've got a chant of unbroken
                                   tone/s to toast!
a meeting on respected grounds
an open sound so pure it shakes the host


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