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Complete with instructions

for Mark McEntyre

you don’t have to go
inside the eye to be
sure of your self

peer through this glass
at fire air water

from red to yellow to blue

sure of your senses go inside go
through the dark glass to the storm’s eye go
beyond ‘beyond’

how can I go
out of the storm to be
with you the truth is the dark

aperture you can make eyes
like a scientist who comes to
‘his’ senses by stretching


with your fiery eyes peer
into water’s aperture peer
into the truth you stretch

sure of your self you don’t have to go through fire’s aperture or water’s glass to be sure of your senses like a scientist who peers into the storm’s eye and comes to understand the dark by stretching ‘his’ truth through red beyond yellow to blue

January 1995, Cathedral Square, Christchurch


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