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On Display

Simon Williamson

I am on display –
the schoolkids brought to watch
justice in motion are part of the ocean
of interested spectators

I tap my feet & pray
that the thump thump organ drum
does not give fear away
for now is no time for weakness.

I am a robot! I do not blink
my strides are measured perfectly
my hair is combed immaculately
& I feel like a schoolboy

facing the brief pain of a detention saving
cane … then, I grimaced & walked away
now I cannot & stay
the Stony Judge words wash over my shoes into the ground.

I enter the streets convicted
but the bus driver she does not know
she just clips my ticket like it's any other day
as the small orange star drops to the floor

& is blown away.


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© Copyright 2002 Simon Williamson & Trout.