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The Parade

Vivienne Plumb

Little Luella Sparkes had been waiting for the parade to pass below her window. She was planning to throw streamers as they went by. Suddenly she heard drums and a gong. Three acrobats appeared around the bend in the road. They were wearing red and orange hose and performing somersaults and cartwheels. Ten men playing enormous drums followed them. After that there was a gigantic float advertising ten ways to sin. Little devils ran across the moving stage forming themselves into numerous tableaux that were so rivetting Luella forgot to let her streamers go. The next float was supported by the Smoking Lobby. Children of only six or seven lounged on a crimson velevet chaise with cigarettes and cigars in their hands. A raucous brass band surrounded a special military float advertising war. No expense had been spared. It was so spectacular that applications to join the Forces went up fifty percent the next day. The last float was dedicated to Bad Samaritans. It was painted gold and silver. Eight six-foot high gold polystyrene cut-outs spelt out the call number for the Bad Samaritans Hotline. Luella's mother had entered the room. What an unusual parade, she said.


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