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The Euphemism

Vivienne Plumb

Mr Ivan Frobish was the owner of a naughty dog called Scamp. A small pale brown mutt with a sawtooth pattern on its tail, this dog was always busy, engaged in some heinous task, such as digging a hole, scratching furniture, or harassing the postman. But Mr Ivan Frobish was one of those owners who like to pretend that their naughty dog is only flolicsome, merely frolicsome, when in truth its behaviour has reached pestilential proportions. Then came the fateful day when Mr Frobish and his dog were on holiday, staying on the coast near Lover's Leap, an infamous spot for suicides. In a moment of inspiration Scamp prevented a man from leaping to his death. He became a national hero overnight. This attention did nothing to cure his bad ways. The only change was that now everyone used the euphemism, frolicsome, and the word naughty ceased to pass across our lips.


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