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i am in my street

Sonja Yelich

beresford street
i am in my street
with a junket for this ambulance
parked up on a lawn
the red cross truck
in quick brown fox

i am asking which police officer
what happened
& for all gory to see
he smiles a killeen winner
a gun & a foot
& we are looking for the reason
he says.
i am a slow volvo
pulling away

aware of the
2 foot driving rule
i am a rubbernecker –
a chiropractor's
dream swivelling at 40
bucks a pop

details are sketchy –
& sun & a cheap letterbox
are dead certs.
my diction is quick
when i ask a photographer
from the Little Local
how close did you get
close enough he says
to see only one foot
& a knob of swaddling
he says it was about
the other guy's julie
& how she be going from
foot to foot
up 2 garden paths
of 2 marines.
which is why you would
want to shoot the other guys foot out


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© Copyright 2003 Sonja Yelich & Trout.