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New Zealand: A Social And Poetic Drama

Murray Edmond

Agricultural Worker: Please eat the peaches and cream.

Member of the Board of Trustees: We need to clean these green heaters.

Watchman: Charles' heart was far harder than Mark's.

Insurance Agent: Walk to the door in the north porch.

Company Director: Draw the stork with the chalk on the board.

Demonstrator: Do choose the soup then goose for two.

Drover: Hugh was well groomed but moody and aloof.

Examiner: This is an interesting index system.

Forestry Worker: Bill-sticking is prohibited in this English city.

Free-lance photographer: Fetch ten eggs from the red hen's nest.

Gardener: Mend the fence when the weather is better.

Jockey: The sunflowers are covered in butterflies.

Labourer: Don't rush the hut unless you love slugs.

Milk Deliverer: He got a lot of copies of the longer song.

Model: The hot dog wandered through the foggy docks.

Entertainer: Harry was standing by the back taxi rank.

Construction Contractor: Grab the ladder and hang up the banned banners.

Sportsperson: Gee!

Vegetable Gatherers: Calm arm, large barn.

Eel Seller: Warm order! Warm order!

Sharefisher: Cool moon, loser.

Shearer: Wishes – city, dinner, miss, mirror, big sin.

Wholesale Sphagnum Moss Seller: Feather bed spells treasure.

Street Cleaner: Onion – rubber – love – dumb result.

Television Producer: Sombre profit. Bog knowledge. Sob.

Theatrical Performer: Fatter bad man shall hammer. Wrap.

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