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Setting The Seal On NZ Poetry

Murray Edmond

A wharf.
A Young Man comes with a bundle of books under his arm.
He stops at the end of the wharf.
He drops the bundle of books into the water.
Young Man: Not a single copy sold.
The same wharf, some years later.
A Young Woman comes to the end of the wharf.
Young Woman: When I was young and very wise…
She jumps off the end of the wharf.
Under the water beneath the wharf the Young Woman has found a copy of the Young Man's book and is reading it.
Young Woman: If I had known about this book, I never would have jumped.
The Young Man, no longer now a young man, has returned to the wharf where he threw away his unsold books.
Young Man No Longer Young: One reader would have been enough.
He jumps.
A Seal clambers up the side of the wharf and flops onto the planks.
Seal: My body bedded in sea-midmost wave
after drear days I felt again the sun
The Young Man (young again!) and the Young Woman (forever young) are seen walking together on the wharf and reading a book. They do not see the Seal behind them.
Young Woman: Did you hear a seal bark?


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