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From Analects on a Chinese Screen: The Hermitage of Awareness: 1

Glenn Mott

Mine was a life planned to go wrong.
There is no reasoning with me about this.

In my case money might be of great service to me but probably it would not. If I do not convert my opportunities there is no need to have my opportunities increased.

We look over the bridge and see our own effigies floating in the water
framed by the arch below.
                                        Dragon-patterned Koi drift into the exhibiting
umbrage of our outlines beneath a surface of sun-fired clouds.

How can that depth be known where we see ourselves reflected?

I have acquired a knowledge of the grades of Suzhou tea, and of temple steles in provincial towns,
               but have no authority or expertise
                                                  for time spent with a Cantonese chrestomathy.

That's China dirt! I said,
                                   stamping my boots like a kid in a sandbox.


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