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obedience 35–38

kari edwards

to the impermanence progressively
left behind
once again
the counter hooks of life
once again
an ounce of life
comes back
replaced with a replicant
replaced with the rest

from the coast
to splendor foliage
the ministers of war
diviners of death
deliver us between root and stone
bolden to silence
through a universe
collected on a palm pilot
lite with justification flashlights

some one yells–
"you've caused the sand to cry,
bled the dust to invisible
left names to name names."
like a million leeches
in a wink
busts a billion bubbles
edits distance
trims the vulgar
leaves perfect plastic

time continues to happen
an idea trying to avoid
an air of hunger
trying to avoid
donw to never quite never
under the thick quiet
we call
dead a moment later

trying to avoid
a billion moments later
a million thoughts multiply
continuousness reruns
continuously replenishing
billions of smaller speculations
begging to multiply

some escape to remote blogs
others spread throughout
self-absorption asbestos
the white talons of infection
honey doormat
welcomes an army
of armless tenderheads
nineteen years of lemmings
40 years of post-production
isolation after a missiles marked up
everyone's holding everyone's one breath
after breathing instruction are handed out


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