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Looks Like Up

Kit Robinson

There standing on a hill
In tune
Messed up thoughts
The whole view, all of it
Stepping in and out of the light
Unable to subtract
Not prepared to add
Lost in a moment of imperception
Standing at the foot of a hill
No words to describe this state

Some time later
Same time somewhere else
Bone train
Late habit fairly often new type
Crush of heavy gates
Softening the image
Do what you have to do
Same moon suddenly not at all
Speaking through you
Along illuminated lines of night

Walk through these borders
They are not stable
Your hands shift in the light
Step this way
The corridors are lit
Time does not exist
According to reports
Our senses say otherwise
Ticking off the sights
Measuring carefully the slowness of night


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© Copyright 2006 Kit Robinson & Trout.