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I Remember You

Kit Robinson

I'm standing in the fountain
The light is getting faint
My feet are in the water
My song is new
I'm singing to you
Across the high branches, past clouds
Down beaches and over bridges
To where you used to live with your family
In a kind of city
So long ago

I still remember you
And you are the same
Same quick smile and sassy, impertinent attitude
Walking softly to the bus stop
Your books and soda pop
One night we sat on a piano bench
In an empty basement apartment
That was kept open for couples to meet
And did not kiss
But only leaned against one another and spoke quietly

A thick mattress of jetliner contrails
Covers the sky over time
The sounds of cars wrap our world
In packing material and we go
Away to study and work in the fields
And fight in the mountains at night
In anticipation of something, something
And we get to know a lot of different people
All this is true
But still I remember you
The shortest distance between two points
Goes right past us
Instant messaging
What we know now
Those early 20th century geniuses didn't
They were very naïve
As are we
How does it feel?
Stretching, bang bang, walk the walk
Here's the situation
There's the same shit

How I see people is
Going though life
Bent on something, something
Living out a suitcase
The trunk line is dream
Star studded
Objects of desire are
Closer than they appear
What's all this?
Who wants to know?

Before you leave
Turn out the lights
The instant satisfaction
A walk in fall air
Afloat on the breeze
Clean out of sight
That's how we do it at my house
Says the mysterious stranger
Oh Lovely Stranger
I send you my deepest regards


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© Copyright 2006 Kit Robinson & Trout.