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Trout 17: Contents

Photo: Susan Schultz


Johanna Emeney   Cracked, Making contact, The tack shed, Rosa,

Lynn Jenner    The hot early universe

Jaimie Gusman   A Page Ever Coming, Suede town, 5 Poems

Frankie McMillan   The perpetual visitor, Coddle, Birdsong/National Radio, The piano as elephant

Mary Macpherson   Character Dance, Ode to the Motels, Instructed to write a poem called Home

David Eggleton   Erewhon Unearthed, The Provincial Champions

Kerrin P. Sharpe   letter from the village, my brother the gondolier, goose bay, the temple cart

Raewyn Alexander   jazz on her uncle's hi-fi, remembered a gold picture frame

Elizabeth Smither   Tidying the child's room, The underside of the miniature plane, Blessing the house for departure, Blue irises

Gerry Webb   What I Know

Sarah Jane Barnett   Gardens, Glass, Demolition, Measures

Michael Morrissey   Pornocracy, Small Hour Wisdom

Kelly Ana Morey   Winter Fruit

Helen Rickerby   The Now and the Maybe

Vivienne Plumb   youth hostel

Martin Edmond   The Tretchikoff Man, Viridian Season

Jack Ross   Old Shore

Elizabeth Caffin   Home

Anna Jackson   Homesick, Pine needles, King Duck, Dream-skin

Craig Santos Perez   Juan Malo & Corned Beef, Unrationed

Peter Wells   Cubbyhole

Bernadette Hall   Just a short note from the watchman, another minor character, Dark pasture, Manaia, The much vaunted map of holiness and truth, Scrunch