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Sonja Yelich [1, 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 ]

dates, trees, shopping


i am writing this in
1999. not wanting
the focus to shift.

just yesterday we
cut down that
willow without
the help

of an asplundh
so the shredding
was left undone.

a stihl only.
also a knee
was nearly
taken off.


after 5 i shopped
at foodtown annette
has been packing
for 21 years patsy

the aisles have things
balsamic, lupi or nappies
most times i need
2 trundlers.

iíve gone up
to $420 wheeling
out the lot to the 
boot with a boy

2 kilos of french cutlets
so the bones are neat
defining me the 
shopper for the girls.

law will not let
me buy wine
on sunday.


tonight i have a jacket
given me:

Steinlager, One, Telecom NZ,
Lotto, Toyota which

can spell a toy yacht
backwards on oneside.

team New Zealand.
Americaís Cup 2000 the other.

Line 7 on the sleeve
& zip.

sure itís warm i just
say i work in lotto.


when we did
the fence last
year a neighbour

very tall
said we needed permission
to touch the roots

of our pohutukawa.

i said fuck you next 
year i might take it 

our willow is
round the back

a stumpgrinder should
do the damage.
what sort of tree

is this jerry asks
i say a tortured willow

the two ropes 
from the girlsí
swing in bits.

thatís 23 trees
gone off this
section before 2000.

  © 2000

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