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        morning in Tauranga
                                 lunch off the Waikato
(before the Rua Kenana exhibition)
                         afternoon tea here at the place of no
names and as sea cajoles me over rocks
                                 straight out of the mouth
                                        sea sparkle below
Reeboks JAG MEN borrowed T-shirt togs and loaned
blues brother glasses I see
                                        a grey moth
                                        a white butterfly
and read the Stage I NZ Lit assignment
            --Jenny's boyfriend
            my last year
            Fleur down south
        sweet Mary's voice
            Bob at another launch
            Hone's elegy --
                                        then sniff up the woodsmoke
                                        look down this cliff and
            a massive sprawled weekend
        been filled and fed and slept
            walked through caves wreathed in spinnerets
                         listened to heaps
                                                of Aretha from the '60s
                    '70s funky women Nina Simone
            partied up large with strangers
                    yet locals
                                        and that makes them familiar
                                                they know who I'm with


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