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Vacant Situation

We have work from other denominations.
Jewish material, the Koran, and even facsimile

editions of an Egyptian Book of the Dead.
I had to stop someone once from using their

watercolour kit and sketchpad and tracing
the hieroglyphs! On occasion, while cleaning the larger

books, I've come across studs from days
when they chained reference books, also

pressed flowers, fern and oak leaves, and on page
four hundred and something of the first volume of

the 1638 Book of Martyrs a yellow bookmark on which
is scribbled 'do not remove this -- being read'

and it is undated. Although it's a church
book, I don't think the woodcuts in Ars Mortendi,

or The Art of Dying, are very Christian. The
last woodcut is of an angel of judgement holding

two bowls of people dangling from scales, one up
one down, how people were hired and fired then.


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