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On Display

In the Travel Display we showed Headhunters
of Borneo and the journal of Joseph Banks.

Best bits of that display were the Africa cabinets
with Speke Stanley Livingstone hamming it up: 'the sound

of trumpets, and the Totties were off!' (Speke).
Grey's explorations through Western Australia

were also of interest, though he seldom wrote
an original thing here. Autograph Letters features

a strongman known as the 'Patagonian Sampson'
of Sadlers Wells -- Giovanni Belzoni, and William

Colenso who printed the first book in New Zealand,
Ko te Kongo Pat, but the first press was that of William

Yate, who printed New Zealand's first booklet.
There's also a letter from von Tempsky outlining a massacre.

Recently, a man came in with a Sotheby's sale price
on our scrappy 1813 edition, inscribed by Grey,

of a book on Australian birds, a previously unknown copy.
It's worth 250,000 pounds! So I put it in the safe.


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