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The Onehunga Rare Books Assistant

Talking with a friend last night I had the idea
that I was really still, and that rooms, buildings,

people and objects would surround themselves
about me. I was in a world where everything

was visiting. I'm a bit egocentric. Born
and raised in Grafton until I was seven. Then

I moved to Onehunga, or vice versa. My home was
an old farmhouse transported to the suburb from Mangere,

made from a native timber, probably totara.
At home I ate a lot of scones, washed a lot of boots,

did a lot of homework. Read a lot of books.
As a kid I'd visit the Onehunga Public Library

to read about the Russian Revolution and the Roman Empire.
Sometimes at school I'd shelve books at lunchtime for fun.

Today, in my second week back on relief staff at Epsom,
I watched the documentary The Mighty Civic

and for some reason was reminded of a childhood full
of enchanted librarians combing shelves for me.


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