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Tony Murrow

We thought we would publish another issue of Trout before the war begins. They've been a while coming -- the war and Trout 10 -- but, here they are finally.

Trout's been revamped for this issue. We've been fighting the terrorism of an ever-increasing document repository with some very blunt tools up to now. In this issue some very basic PHP code has been used to simplfy the process of adding and navigating through works. There have been no casualties in our war. Aside from a few testy discussions between its editors, Trout's modest transition into its new format has been almost painless.

In fact, we've been blessed with some great submissions: wonderful poetry from Sonja Yelich, Michele Leggott, Murray Edmond and others; some intriguing prose from Wes Les and Margarita Meklina. It's all good stuff.

With this issue, too, you'll note a UNESCO logo on every page. UNESCO have given us a small sum to pass on to our contributors as payment for their submissions. It was always the intention of the Trout editors to offer payments to authors. But, as definitely-not-for-profit organisation -- one which has never received any other grant before -- it has taken ten issues for us to bring this about. Thank you UNESCO!

Trout Press is another addition to the Trout stable. This features Robert Sullivan's Pike Ake!. Auckland University first published Robert's book in 1996. Now it's available online, the first of what we hope will be many complete publications to appear on the Trout site.

Finally, we have a new editor. Joining Robert, Brian and me, is Anne Kennedy. Anne is a fine novelist -- I reviewed her book A Boy and His Uncle in Issue 4. She also has a sharp eye and some great new ideas for Trout.

We're hoping that all of these changes will create a bit more stability in our world: simple, steady things, things that bring goodness with time and patience. Most important of all, we didn't kill anyone to get Issue 10 of Trout out. We've got death and devastation represented in the works you'll find in this issue of Trout, but, beleive me, no human or other animal died in the production of this journal!


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